5 Days to Healthier Relationships!
Create healthier relationships with the people in your life with boldness and confidence!
This Series Will Be Held...
December 2-6, 2020
Live every day at 11am EST
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Imagine feeling confident, empowered, and able to stand up for yourself in the relationships you have with the people in your life!
This is possible through the power of setting boundaries!
This is what you will experience that will change your life forever:
You will discover the life-changing key to healthy relationships: setting powerful boundaries.
You will decide which friendship or relationship is one you want to feel more empowered in. Then you will confidently set a boundary.
You will transform because you finally put yourself first which leads to better communication, more respect from others, and more meaningful relationships.
Lenora Scurry
Life Coach & Motivational Speaker
Hey, I'm Lenora!
I am a survivor of sexual, mental, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, in addition to multiple near-death experiences and I am gloriously alive today living a life of personal freedom and empowerment.

I have decided to take my life experiences and use them to fuel my passion for helping women who feel like their life is falling apart, who feel stuck and are desperately unfulfilled.

I firmly believe setting boundaries supports us in achieving a better relationship with ourselves causing us to be more empowered to reach our full potential so that we have ample time, space, and energy to prioritize our schedule, self-care, and relationships.

I help women take back their power, be confident, and manifest a life they genuinely love just by knowing, understanding, and setting boundaries.

Join me for my 5-day series and you will walk away with the power of being your own superhero in relationships that are important in your life!

What is it like to transform with me?

“I have found Lenora to be a very effective coach and communicator. She guides you with her life experiences and not just book knowledge. She will guide you through what is causing you pain so you can overcome your struggles and live each day to the fullest.

~Sheila Stephens
“Lenora is the real deal. She is an authentic, experienced, and loving soul who uses her own life lessons to help you navigate yours. If you are ready to step out of your life dramas and put the past behind you, Lenora is the one who will hold your hand, helping you find ways to survive, and take the first step to build a life of peace and joy. Don’t wait another day."

~Sharron Ragan
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5 Days to Healthier Relationships

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